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Online courses let students earn credit (original and make-up) as their schedule permits. In addition, online learning develops the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century, including: self-directed learning, time management, problem-solving, information and communication technology literacy, creativity and global awareness. Classes are available 24/7, so students may complete work at any time of day that is convenient for them.
The benefit of online learning is that it is flexible enough to work on your schedule. There is no set school-day. With that said, you will need to check Genius each day, Monday – Friday, to ensure you receive important messages from your teachers. Additionally, you will need to pace yourself appropriately to ensure that you complete all course units and assignments within the given session. If you want to work in the afternoons you can! If you want to work a couple longer days and have a longer weekend you can!
Yes! One of the key benefits of WVVA versus a cyber charter school is the fact that you are still a member of the student body at your public school district. As such, you have the ability to play sports, join clubs, play music or participate in anything else your physical school might offer.
The Brandywine Virtual Academy is available to all secondary students residing in Pennsylvania, as well as non-resident students who receive the approval of their school district of residence.
Any laptop or desktop computer with a web browser will work. Due to the nature of online learning, smartphones and tablets are often not suitable based on screen size and compatibility. A broadband connection (cable, DSL) is needed to allow for a more satisfying experience for the student.  WVVA Students may utilize their district Chromebook based off of the 1:1 technology implementation. 

Williams Valley Virtual Academy offers over 200 courses from grades K-12 that students can complete from a school-based classroom, computer lab, home or other location with internet access.

The courses are developed and taught by locally based, PA-certified teachers. 

Williams Valley Virtual Academy delivers the same high-quality instruction found in neighborhood schools.

A variety of courses and academic levels are available, including NCAA-approved, Honors and AP. Students may work at their own pace as long as they meet deadlines. Short-term, skill-building and remedial coursework is also available.