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Comprehensive Plan 2023-2026

In Pennsylvania, all schools are required to develop and submit a Comprehensive Plan.  Planning for continuous improvement of leadership, teaching and learning is critically important to ensuring that all students have access to a world-class education that prepares them for college, career, and life.  Pennsylvania’s cycle of improvement is grounded in evidence-based approaches that can both improve student outcomes and increase return on investment, as resources are spent on programs and practices likely to have a positive impact.  For more information on the Comprehensive Plan Process, please visit Comprehensive Planning (pa.gov)



There are several components of the plan that WVSD is working to submit on the PA Department of Education Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal.


  1. Academic Standards and Assessment Requirements (Chapter 4).  The purpose of Chapter 4, Academic Standards and Assessment, of the Pennsylvania School Code is to establish rigorous academic standards and assessments to facilitate the improvement of student achievement and to provide parents and communities a measure by which school performance can be determined. 
  2. Student Services Assurances (Chapter 12).  Chapter 12, Section 12.32, establishes the elements required in an LEA’s Student and Student Services Plan. The plan for student records must conform with applicable State and Federal laws, regulations, and directives identified in guidelines issued by the Department.
  3. Induction Plan (Chapter 49).  Developed collaboratively with IU29, the county-wide Induction Plan has expanded to a two-year plan to comply with Chapter 49.16.
  4. Professional Development Plan (Act 48).  
  5. Gifted Education Plan Assurances (Chapter 16).  The Plan specifies how WVSD will meet its obligations to suspected and identified gifted students who require gifted education to reach their potential. Gifted students are to be provided with quality gifted education services and programs. Requirements for Gifted Education Plans can be found in the Pennsylvania Code (22 Pa Code §16.32).



We are updating the analysis of the student performance data that will form the basis of the Goal Setting and Action Plan components of the Comprehensive Plan.  If you have any input on the plans above, please contact Dr. David Hatfield by emailing [email protected] or by calling 717.647.2167 x1222