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Flexible Instruction Days

Dear Parents & Guardians,


As we approach colder temperatures and even get a little taste of wintry mix like Tuesday evening, I want to review our FID (Flexible Instruction Day) plan for when we encounter a situation where we must close schools and in-person instruction.  First, FID days are asynchronous, where teachers in both buildings will assign work that can be completed on the actual FID Day and submitted within 3 school days from the assignment being issued.   In other words, if a snow day occurs on a Monday, students will have until Thursday to submit the assignment back to their teachers for credit.   If a student does not turn in their assigned work within the 3 days, they will be marked absent for the actual FID day.   


Teachers are required to be present online for 60 minutes of office hours, and the office hour time slot will be communicated to students & parents.  Students or parents can contact their teacher during this time to request assistance about the assignment.   


The entire FID day plan for both buildings is located at the link below.


FID Day 2023-24 - Google Docs